The Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus are a fraternal organization based on the three principles of Fraternity, Unity and Charity. They are organized through an individual or group of Churches. The local Council, St. Isidore Council # 5008, encompasses 7 surrounding parishes, namely, Tigerton, Wittenberg, Marion, Birnamwood, Galloway, Bevent & Hatley.

Any male 18 years or older is welcome and encouraged to join. They must be a practicing Catholic and be initiated in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees of the Order.

Anyone interested in finding more about the Knights of Columbus or who wish to join, please contact our current Grand Knight, Donald Onesti, Tigerton at 715-535-2510.

There is a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus whose principle is Patriotism. This is more of a formal and social degree above the 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus. These groups are called Assemblies, and are distinct from the 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus. Two local Assemblies are located in Antigo and Wausau. A person must be a 3rd Degree Knights of Columbus in order to join the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus